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share-connection_318-10810.jpg is now accepting plugin and theme uploads from developers wishing to contribute.

I have just added the new developer contribution area to which you can find here:
If you were wishing to make your v2.x plugin or theme available to others (both via the website and admin area of v2.x), this is the place where you can finally do it.
You will need to be logged in on Github to enter and then have your account manually upgraded after your initial visit.
It's just the initial version of this custom contribution plugin, so please don't expect any fireworks, but it does its job.
Those of you who have uploaded in the past for v1.x will find this area to be vastly simplified and incredibly easy to work with - without any requirement to fill in a long list of form fields as you would have done before.

Please don't forget that the "Plugin Manager' and "Theme Manager" also have some tools to assist you in the creation of various files, such as theme.xml for theme developers and plugin.xml and admin_config.php for plugin developers. There's also a new language-file scanning tool in the Plugin Manager which can help with upgrading old plugins and finding unused LAN definitions. As a developer, please do create a repository on Github of your project, it's an invaluable tool for receiving feedback and tracking bugs, issues and feature requests, as well as having others contribute to your code via pull-requests.

If you happen to have any issues with the plugin/theme upload area on, please do let me know by mentioning your particular issue here:

I know it's been a long time coming, so thank you for all of your patience and thank you in advance to those of you who will choose to give something back, by sharing your plugins and themes.


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