0.617 hits the streets

CaMer0n by CaMer0n in e107

  Yes, it's true!

  Yes, it's true! e107 version 0.617 is now out and available for download. It is available on sourceforge here:

download page link

This is mostly a bug-fix upgrade, with just few added features. We have also worked hard on closing any security holes.

For those of you a bit squeamish about upgrading, please wait a few days and monitor the status of the upgrade. Many of us have been running this via CVS for quite some time and feel pretty confident about it.

For those doing the upgrade, when you first upload the new files, you will probably lose some of your menus. You will need to get to the admin section of your site e107_admin/admin.php (or whatever you renamed your admin directory to) and perform the update (you should get a notice at the top of the page).

NOTE: If you did rename your admin directory, make sure you upload the e107_admin directory files into this directory, or rename the directory prior to upload!

Here a small list of the updates, for a full list see this page:
sourceforge page

+ Many admin security fixes
+ HTMLarea updated and fixed
+ New custompages area added with custommenus
+ New sitemap auto-generation
+ Menu visibility can be set on a per-URL (page) basis
+ Flood options now configurable
+ Added ability to use theme templates for links, content, forum, downloads
+ More multilanguage fixes (hardcoded text, etc)
+ Lots of XHTML markup fixes

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