e107 on reddit!

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e107 jumps head first into reddit, a popular social news network.

Do you use reddit?
Do you use e107?
Why not use both together?

Do you not know what reddit is? Reddit is a social news network where users can submit information in the form of content or a link to offsite content. Other users can then comment and rate said content as well as share and save content. Given enough upvotes the content can then appear on the front page of reddit.

Subreddits are pages within reddit. Several games (WoW, Guild Wars 2, Warframe, etc) all have subreddits and some of them (Guild Wars 2) pull community input directly from the subreddit and even have developers there interacting with reddit users.

If you create themes, write plugins, modify the core in anyway (hack), or make tutorials about e107, why not post them on the e107 subreddit? Your content will still be hosted wherever you post it, you will still get all the traffic you normally would have gotten, and you will also increase the exposure of said content from the people browsing the subreddit unawares of your existence to begin with. The other immediate plus is all users, new and old, will have a central location to get release news for plugins, themes, and even version releases of e107 itself.

Another amazing benefit is the ability to host AMAs (Ask Me Anything). This can potentially be another outlet for community meetings that could be more accessible to people than IRC, Skype, or a Google+ Hangout since reddit can be viewed in any browser on any device, and apps are out there for Apple and Android devices.

So, what are you waiting for? Get over to the e107 subreddit and start submitting content!

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