Growth in language packs since v1.0

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e107 CMS language packs list has grown from 12 to 23 different languages

Since the release of v1.0 of the e107 website content management system I have been appointed as the dedicated Translation Team Leader. We have done very well, and I would like to say 'Thank you!'.

We have established an amazing growth from 12 language packs in the 0.7.x era to 23 language packs in v1.0.0. My personal motivation is: the more translations we have, the bigger possible audience for e107 we might attract! And so far it has been very rewarding for e107.

Also I try to reach as close to 100% perfection as possible for all language packs, in order to assure the quality is also good for users working in foreign languages. That means there is close and intensive communication necessary with the official e107 translators. We discuss missing language items, language interpretations, features, bugs etc. Currently I'm still awaiting final contributions of Latvian and Norwegian, I hope we can also add these to the list on short notice. Of course we want to grow further, so we have set our goals to also have Korean and Japanese as supported languages. We are still looking for official e107 translators for these languages. These and more jobs can be found at the jobs section.

You can read the latest published news article about our language growth here:

In short, the list of e107 translation packages has doubled and is still growing. We would like to express our gratitude to our loyal members making this all possible, and a special thanks for all the efforts made by our expanding translation team. It's an excellent example of the potential of the community at the e107 website content management system.

EDIT: Norwegian language pack has been posted March 19, 2012.

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