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I wanted to provide a bit of news on what is happening with e107 lately, so you here go:

I wanted to provide a bit of news on what is happening with e107 lately, so you here go:

0.8 - Yes, we ARE definitely making progress. I'll admit that my involvement has been a bit lacking lately. Things just happened in RL that didn't allow me to commit as much time as I had in the past to e107. I am slowly getting back in the groove. Were are making what we feel are a lot of changes and new functionality to e107, yet trying to maintain speed and backward compatibility. There will be some items deprecated, but I don't know of anything totally going away in this release. Off the top of my head, here's a few items:

Hierarcial userclasses - Userclasses can now be inherited from others, also probably userclass grouping
New JS engine - We'll have some great js capability in the core code, for use in ajax and general web 2.0 stuff
Plugin and Theme configurations - These config files are being converted to xml files. This allows us to easily handle badly coded files and not have a bad plugin.php file affect the whole site. Along with moving to xml, there is also some great functionality/flexibility being added.
SEF URLs - We know many have been requesting this for quite some time. We've added a url class to help generate all urls. These urls can easily be overridden by custom config files, allowing the site admin to tailor mod_rewrite anyway they wish. We've really just begun doing this, but it looks promising so far.
Forum - The forum will get a facelift. It may not get all of the features in my roadmap, but hopefully it'll see some in the first release. The db structure and filenames are going to change though, so look out smile
TinyMCE - This is being converted to a plugin, so hopefully allow replacements to be dropped in.
Admin log - It appeared in 0.7, but never really did anything. It's now going to, you'll be able to see what all your admins are doing, and when.
General fixes - There's also been work on fixing odd issues that just didn't seem to fit into 0.7 due to needing other updated code.

I know there's probably a LOT that I've left out, but that's a decent list for now. Along with this, we are also trying to get the code all formatted to a coding standard to tidy it up. It's been sloppy for sure.

Also, in order to try to get the users and plugin authors involved more, as well as providing more dialog within the community as a whole, I have created two mailing lists on sourceforge. A general discussion forum for all things e107 and a development forum for questions regarding core development and any other code related questions. For those not familiar with mailing lists, you will need to go to sourceforge and subscribe to the list using an email address. You will get a confirmation email you will need to act on to activate the subscription. You will then start receiving all emails sent to the list (or a daily digest if you prefer). In order to post to the list, you must send the email to the list from the subscribed email address.

e107-discuss list: https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/e107-discuss
e107-devel list: https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/e107-devel

I can tell you that gmail is great for subscribing to mailing lists from, since it maintains the 'conversation', it's very easy to follow each email thread.

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