Two Forums Plugin/UDLH

by admin in e107

2FP (2 Forums Plugin) released

2FP (2 Forums Plugin) released

2FP has been released with a online demo, graphical installation guide, it now has its own forum as well this is a very highly requested hack/plugin I am glad I could make it in just about 2 1/2 days I have made sure to answer as many questions as possible on the scripts page and installation guide. I hope you all like it

UDLH (User Database linking Hack)1.5 has also been released it includes ALL e107 .616 security update i could find, also UDLH 1.5 introduces a new install system that makes it easyer then ever to install expecialy with are step by step graphical install guides

[Submitted by jeremy2]

From the site: '2FP was made to allow you to have 2 forums on a single install of E107'.

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