e107 v2.3.1 Bootstrap CMS Released

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New Features, Bug Fixes and Improvements

e107 v2.3.1 is finally here, and with it a bunch of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

  • Support for PHP 5.6 through PHP 8.1 (#4554) – e107 v2 now adds PHP 8.0 and 8.1 support while maintaining support for PHP 5.6.

  • New Admin Theme Skins - Modern Light and Modern Dark. May now be selected during initial installation of e107.

  • Collapsible Navigation Panel - Option to reduce left-panel admin area navigation to icons only, for increased screen real-estate where it matters.

  • Database session handler performance improvement (#4575) – e107 v2.3.0 introduced a non-blocking session handler backed by the database; however, a missing index causes gradually slower performance the more rows there are in the session table. This release fixes that bug by adding the missing index through a database update (migration).

  • Thumbnail Generator rebuilt to use Intervention library.

  • WebP image support (#4270) – e107 can now serve WebP images to compatible browsers and convert existing images on-the-fly. Requires PHP 7.0+ with the GD WebP extension installed.

  • More reliable file uploads – A common complaint with e107 v2.3.0 was rejected file uploads. To fix this, e107 now recognizes files based on their MIME type.

  • Increased protection against cross-site scripting (XSS) – There is now improved layering of HTML tag rendering to reduce the likelihood of corrupting pages with bad HTML.

  • Increased protection against cross-site request forgery (CSRF) – Nonces have been added to some forms to prevent external sites from submitting them unbeknown to the authenticated user.

  • New theming features – Theme developers can now take advantage of Bootstrap 5 and customisable breadcrumbs.

  • SEO optimizations for Google, Facebook (Open Graph) and Twitter.

  • New "Hero" plugin for home page carousel management. Supports animated bullet points and buttons. (see e107.org home page for example)

  • News item Previous/Next navigation shortcode options.

  • jQuery updated to v3.6.0

  • FontAwesome updated to v5.14.0

    For a full list of changes, please go here.

    Please see our downloads section to download a copy.

    Thank you for continuing to use e107. Please feel free to tell us what you think about e107 in our Gitter chatroom!

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