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SCum and I have been talking for about 2 months trying to come up with something huge.

SCum and I have been talking for about 2 months trying to come up with something huge. So it is with the greatest pleasure that I announce the first ever e107 Styles/Themes Joint Site Theme Contest for e107 v.700 officially called the United Community Contest!!!!

No No No, e107 v.700 has not been released yet. We are announcing this now to get people to start looking at it and start planning their themes.

The rules are simple. Design and make a theme in one of three categories that uses at least 1 new feature of e107 v.700.
The Blog category is being sponsored by e107Themes.org. Your objective is to make some of the best blog themes available. Lets attract as many people as we can to the best CMS out there.

The Corporate category is being sponsored by e107Styles.org. The goal here is as easy as the one above. Make some good corporate themes. We want to attract everyone to e107 not just the bloggers.

The Game Portion is being sponsored by the Hull Breach Team over at http://www.hull-breach.com/cms/news.php.
Hull Breach, for those who do not know, is one of the leading Half Life 2 underground total conversions. So for this category the goal is to make the best Hull Breach Theme you can for e107 v.700. Graphics have been provided for your use and/or inspiration. (More info below)

For an event as big as this, we wanted to pull out all the stops. So we have some exciting prizes for the author of the best theme in each category.
* Domain
* Web Space for 1 year (100MB, 1GB Bandwidth, 10 email addresses)

* Eric Meyer on CSS: Mastering the Language of Web Design
* More Eric Meyer on CSS

* A copy of Half Life 2 OR 75 dollers paid via PayPal

Judging Criteria:
There will be 6 judges 2 from e107 Styles, 2 from e107 Themes and 2 from the Hull Breach Project (Trax and Talon).
We will be judging on the following:
* Code Readability (White Space)
* Code Compliance (XHTML & CSS)
* Cross Browser Compatibility (The Big 3...FireFox, Internet Explorer,
* Working Admin Area
* Look & Feel

Yes there are some rules too. But not too many.
* Use of at least 1 new feature in e107 v.700 (You must state what feature you used when you submit your theme.)
* Theme must be 100% compatible with e107 v.700 (This includes the New Theme Manager)
* You can enter as many times as you want.
* No purchase necessary. smile

Contest End:
We will not be taking any themes for the contest until e107 v.700 has been officialy released. The contest will end one month from the official release of e107 v.700. We will provide direction on submitting
themes at that time. This should give you plenty of time to start playing with the CVS version of e107 v.700.

A word from our sponsor (HULL BREACH INFO)
Hull Breach is one of the leading Half Life 2 underground total conversions, we’re a little public shy but only
because our theme isn’t up to scratch, so this is your chance to help out J. Included in our art asset package
is a hull breach site specification and creative brief. Here are some points to bear in mind

* You can use the art assets included but we highly encourage creativity and will be looking out for those people that take the initiative to make their own or utilize what we provide in a clever manner.
* The creative brief and site structure and only guidelines, we’re only after a theme, not content cheesey
* In the design folder is an old idea for the site, you can take ideas from it but bear in mind we aren’t entirely happy with it.
* We don’t want a theme based on the old site idea!
* We don’t yet have an ‘official’ logo so feel free to either make your own or use text effectively.

The Art Asset download is a whopping 21 Megabytes and can be downloaded here : http://www.hull-breach.com/promo/HullBreachArtAssets.zip

Included within are assets covering…

* Environmental
* Character
* Weapons
* Ship concepts
* Logos
* Designs
* Wallpapers
* Promo work
* + a creative brief & site structure diagram

Any queries regarding Hull Breach can be made to @ – have fun and get themeing!

We at e107Styles and e107Themes would like to thank the Hull Breach Team for being very generous in sponsoring a portion of this contest and in volunteering their time to help judge it when it comes to an end.

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