e107 v2.0 Bootstrap CMS Released

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Official Release of e107 v2 Available for Download.

It’s been a long journey

In 2014, e107inc was pleased to announce and to release the open public beta of a new e107. After many years of faithful service, it was time to retire e107 v1 and to allow a new version to come in its place. With the advent of social media, with the acceleration of new ways of using websites and connecting them with all sorts of new services, v1.0 simply wasn’t cutting muster.

We needed something new, something bolder, a new companion to assist you in managing your web-based content and presenting it in the best light possible.

We’ve journeyed a long way since that announcement of the V2 Bootstrap and many of you have been right there alongside us, helping us to spot bugs found underneath the coding rock, helping us test the limit of the new code. We’ve been delighted to have you join us for it.

Announcing the first public release of e107 Bootstrap

We’ve been given the green light to announce that there’s a new e107 in town, and it’s called e107 Bootstrap (or for tech geeks: the e107 v2 Bootstrap). This new platform has been put through its paces over the last year in order to increase its stability and we are confident that for users upgrading to this version, you will find it to be even more stable than v1 ever was. It’s an exciting time for our community as it’s been many years since we’ve seen a new e107 community. It brings e107 bang up to date against many alternative offers available on the open-source market. Enjoy the experience, we are certainly you will never look back after you’ve upgraded.

For our developers it’s a triumph of months and months of efforts, the developer community of e107 is extremely small but they have surmounted hundreds of bug reports, have tried to prioritise the most promising feature requests, in order to bring us to this stage.

Let us walk through some of the key reasons why we think you might just want to give our new CMS a trial:

Easy to install

With our step-by-step wizard, you’re going to find it easy to upgrade. Don’t forget to back-up your website and your system just in case your configuration makes our wizard hick-up, but we’ve dealt with all the issues we detected during our live tests. The upgrade should therefore be an “easy peasy” experience for most e107 users. And that’s a running thread in the new e107, making your experience as a website administrator easier.

A website that somehow feels more alive

This e107 Bootstrap interacts with you in a way that the previous e107 did not. You’ll find the user interface somehow more reactive, more alive and working in synch with you. Through our integration of in-line editing, of improved batch operations, and various other improvements to make the management of your content a fast and smooth process, we have no doubt that you’ll find the user experience hugely improved and right in keeping with some of the top commercial service offerings out there for webmasters.

There are a whole range of features and improvements to core plug-ins which will fundamentally change the way you and your users interact with your website. They’ll be pleased you’ve made the choice to upgrade!

A CMS that’s up to date and future proof

e107 has a built up a long, decade-long experience of delivering quality, flexible, and powerful content management systems that are able to answer to the most complex of website needs, and with Bootstrap, that tradition continues to live on. We’ve brought the CMS up to date using the latest CSS, html, JQuery, and Font Awesome to improve the experience and to provide you with feature sets you’ve come to expect in 2015. As a result we’re confident that e107 can become your stable, future-proof platform to manage all your website needs.

Designed for the social media-driven world

When e107 was first launched, social media wasn’t even a speck on the technological world map. And now could we imagine a world with-out it? That’s why our e107 system has been designed to integrate with social media in a way that our v1 could never have achieved. Your users will find it easy to use their social media logins, to share content to their friends across the social media spectrum. In short your content management is ready to go to help spread the word about your website and your community across all the major social media platforms.

So what are you waiting for? Experience the new e107!

There are so many more reasons that we can think of to upgrade, but you’re going to just have to discover them yourself. Grab a copy of the latest version of e107 Bootstrap and start the experience. Don’t forget to post on our Facebook site pictures and comments of your upgrade experience and first encounter… And if you have any other suggestions just post them on the e107 Help Community. You might just end up becoming one of our featured websites!

 The future plans

Our many thanks to all users, developers, and supportive fans of the e107 venture. Without your contributions and your enthusiasm we probably would have called it quits long ago! But through our perseverance, we’ve made it to the Bootstrap station.

At the moment we cannot say what the future will hold for e107, getting to Bootstrap has been a real battle because our development community is so small. We’re always on the look-out for skilled coders who would like to volunteer and help us out to accelerate roll-out processes. If you think you’re that woman or man, then head on over to GitHub, hub of all our coding activities, and get stuck in!

Let’s celebrate together, and spread the world!

Until then, let’s spread the world with e107 Bootstrap websites and show the rest of the world why we are all part of the great e107 community!

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