e107 v2.1.2 Bootstrap CMS Released

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Open-Source and ready to download

We're happy to announce the release of e107 v2.1.2.


  • Strongest PHP Password Encryption added as default
  • Numerous fixes related to MySQL and PDO handling
  • Removal of many hardcoded LAN phrases, allowing for translation
  • Replaced e_tohtml.php addon with e_parse.php allowing for more functionality and customization
  • Improved e_sitelink.php addon to support easy-to-make mega drop-down menu's
  • Rewrite of $frm->userpicker() method to allow for maximum customization
  • And literally hundreds of additional bug fixes and enhancements in all areas

New features:

  • News Grid Menu added (see #1512)
  • New Tagcloud plugin
  • New shortcode in News:
  • New-user statistics added to Admin Area dashboard
  • Developers can now hook into the meta-tags and alter them (see #1946)
  • New e_event.php addon to register events (see the _blank plugin for an example)

For a full list of changes, please go here.

Please see our downloads section to download a copy.

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