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Hi guys,

Hi guys,
just wanted to let you know that I have set up my site as a support site for e107. I hope to be able to answer any e107 support queries and aid the e107 community in extending the e107 system (which is by far the best cms I have come across). used be a phpNuke support site but I have found too much bickering in the community and there are so many changes across the board that it is difficult to support the cms as a whole.
The co-founder of Arandune (terax) has decided to take the Nuke support to 2 new sites ( and which he runs. He is also a strong supporter of too though!! Therefore, I have made the decision to stop all nuke support at Arandune and open it up as an e107 site instead.
I hope to see you all there soon once I get the site content established.

[Submitted by andy1704]

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