Welcome back ...

by e107 in e107


... my friends to the show that never ends ... well it nearly ended this time but here we are again. I can't apologize enough for the site being down for the last couple of weeks, I'm afraid it was due (again) to the server being attacked in a fairly major way. As a result I've had to find a new host for the site and I can't thank Gunmuse enough for offering e107.org a new home here. I must also thank Terrence and Que for their generousity in hosting the site in the past, and must reassert that the move in servers was no way associated with them, the problems were totally out of their hands unfortunately.
Sadly I haven't been able to get a recent backup of the old site so as you can see content is a bit lacking at the moment, I'm still holding out some hope that Que will be able to get something sorted in that area. If not we'll have to start again from scratch, sadly that means all the articles, forum posts etc will be lost, and you'll have to sign up again. Your continuing patience is appreciated, as are the messages of support I've received.
As for the new site theme, I know a lot of you probably won't like it, but it is less cluttered and a bit easier to read and navigate around, I hope you (and I) get used to it smile

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