e107v0.603 / Revision #6

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Here's revision number 6 for your upgrading pleasure.

Here's revision number 6 for your upgrading pleasure. This one's a bit different, as it needs a very small alteration to your database structure. Here's the instructions ...
  • Download and unpack the revision zip
  • Upload the files to your server, overwriting the files you have there now
  • Go to your admin area, you'll be informed that a db update is available
  • Click on the button to make the necessary alterations to your database
Now before you all start panicking, all the update does is alter the headlines table, it wont affect any of your content, and won't even disturb whats contained in the headlines table, so don't worry. Here's a list of changes ...
  • e107_plugins/headlines_menu/headlines_menu.php: upgrade : added ability to deactivate as a menu and call script as a normal page (yoursite.com/e107_plugins/headlines_menu/headlines_menu.php)
  • e107_files/style.css: upgrade : no changes to the file, just seems some people are missing it so added it to revision files
  • forum_post.php: reported via irc : images in replies now post correctly
  • e107_admin/links.php: upgrade, form data better formatted
  • e107_admin/admin.php: upgrade : auto recognition of upgrade script now coded in, if a db upgrade needed/available you'll be informed and allowed to auto-install the upgrade
  • e107_plugins/headlines_menu/headlines_menu.php: upgrade : complete rewrite, now uses propriotory xml dom parser
  • e107_plugins/headlines_menu/headlines_menu.php: upgrade : if headlines script called as a static page (as opposed to a mneu item) the headlines will show with detailed information
  • e107_admin/newsfeed.php: upgrade : removed a lot of unneeded options to reflect new headlines menu
  • fpw.php: Bugtrack ID 439 : removed erroneous debug message
  • user.php: Bugtrack ID 435 : users page inaccessable to non-members now
  • class2.php: Bugtrack ID 435 : added anti-spam email harvesting code to textparse function
  • e107_images/generci/up.png: Bugtrack ID 433 : replaced missing image
  • e107_admin/newspost.php: Bugtrack ID 432 : news items will still be entered if no categories defined
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