Site Review #3 - MassMayhem

by e107 in e107

running a little late on this review.. forgive me.. man of my age just cant keep up with your whipper snappers. This Time we have one of the many Female E107 users (yes i said many) up for review. is one of Dawns many sites (you've seen her around here and stared at her avatar i know tongue ) this page is her home on the web and or her "blog" i've been reading it for some time now. She has a very sexy Custom theme up now for the approaching holiday (my favorite holiday i might add) and plenty of pics in her gallery to ogle over.

site stats:

63 active members
Custom Theme
12 theme downloads
and plenty of stuff to read smile

so head on over there and give her a 0_o in the chatbox..

p.s. seems to be a lil glitch in the review code.. this review will move over to the normal spot when its resolved

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