e107v0.601 / Revision #10

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Here are the changes ...

Here are the changes ...
e107_plugins/comment_menu/comment_menu.php : not reported : removed redundant linebreaks
class2.php : upgrade : anything wrapped in [code][/code] will now be syntax highlighted, HTML retains its structure instead of being interpreted
user.php : upgrade : member list page rewritten
usersetting.php : upgrade : members now able to upload a photo to display on their profile page
class2.php : Bugtrack ID 120 : online menu now displays usernames with . in them correctly
forum_viewtopic.php : Bugtrack ID 124 : if forum_postspage pref not set it defaults to 10 instead of throwing up an sql error
e107_files/resetcore.php : Bugtrack ID 124 : forum_postspage pref now set to 10
e107_plugins/chatbox_menu/chatbox_menu.php : not reported : rewrote how links are parsed, should work more reliably now
e107_admin/admin.php : not reported : plugins now sorted correctly
e107_handlers/search/search_comment.php : Bugtrack ID 126 : searching comments parses bugtracker comments properly now
e107_handlers/search/search_comment.php : Bugtrack ID 127 : a link will now be provided to untitles news items
search.php : Bugtrack ID 127 : if no specific search routine found for referring page search will default to news items
search.php : upgrade : made it much easier to load custom search routines for plugin authors
e107_themes/nordranious/images/bar.jpg : Bugtrack ID 130 : added missing bar.jpg to theme
rate.php : Bugtrack ID 134 : rate now correctly parsed when - in url
e107_handlers/rate_class.php : Bugtrack ID 134 : changes made to reflect changes to above
comment.php : Bugtrack ID 141 : comments now accessable if non-basic class is set
search.php : Bugtrack ID 145 : search query with apostrophe / non-standard character now carried out successfully
e107_plugins/headlines_menu/headlines_menu.php : Bugtrack ID 146 : bullet images retain correct path in subdirs now
e107_admin/prefs.php : Bugtrack ID 147 : added a js redirect for non-Apache users experiencing blank page refresh
e107_handlers/search/search_content.php : Bugtrack ID 155 : search ignores inactive content pages
article.php : Bugtrack ID 155 : inactive pages now shown as such
e107_languages/English/lan_Article.php : Bugtrack ID 155 : new entries to reflect changes to above two items
class2.php : Bugtrack ID 157 : siteurl define is checked for trailing slash and is added if not found
usersettings.php : reported too many times to mention smile : fixed the extended fields being shown across multiple users
Instructions: Unzip the file and upload the files to your server, overwriting the existing files.
The full install already has the revision installed, there is no need to apply the revision.
Thanks to McFly and Master-Devil for testing.

Download from the menu over there on the right ->

To allow users to upload their photo, you need to activate it from admin - users - allow users to upload photo. You will also need to chmod the e107_files/public/avatars directory to 777.

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