e107v0.601 / Revision #7

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Here's revision 7, which will upgrade your core to v0.601.

Here's revision 7, which will upgrade your core to v0.601. You need to run a tiny upgrade script for this, all it does is set the default name for your cookies / sessions. After running upgrade.php please delete if from your server s running it again will r eset the cookie / session name again.

e107_plugins/login_menu/login_menu.php : reported in forum : span tag wasn't closed
fpw.php : not reported : tightened security
e107_plugins/log/log.php : reported on irc : removed host display in last 10 visitors section, bit pointless really
e107_admin/preferences.php : Bugtrack ID 65 : made it impossible to choose an invalid theme (empty theme folder)
e107_handlers/poll_class.php : Bugtrack ID 66 : changed reference to bullet3,gif to bullet2.gif, not all themes have bullet3.gif by default so a broken image would result
e107_admin/log.php : Bugtrack ID 69 : stat_last table is now cleared when clear info selected
forum.php : Bugtrack ID 70 : Lastpost author now displayed correctly if .'s in the name
class2.php : not reported : added code to allow $ and # signs to be correctly parsed in form items
e107_themes/templates/header_default.php : reported on irc : nothing rendered if no active banners found
e107_admin/prefs.php : upgrade : cookie/session now nameable
class2.php / e107_plugins/login_menu/login_menu.php / e107_admin/auth.php / e107_handlers.php/login.php / fpw.php : changed to reflect above change to cookies/sessions.

The full install has these revisions already implemented, no need to install then run the revision.

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