Bug Revision #3

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Here'sanother bug revision, all fairly small things apart from the chatbox issue.

Here'sanother bug revision, all fairly small things apart from the chatbox issue. You may have noticed the 'person' posting porn images in the chatbox - if any of you saw that and were offended I sincerely apologize - this update will stop that happening.

You might also notcie that v0.600 is no longer a beta, I think it's stable enough to be final now.

Here's a list of changes ...

news.php : reported via irc : fixed problem with no admin name being displayed in newspost if main site admin not defined from admin/prefs
e107_plugins/tree_menu/tree_menu.php : not reported : fixed small path problem with external links
oldpolls.php : Bugtrack ID 31 : If no old surveys exist it will render a comfort message insead of the np class
oldpolls.php : upgrade : added caching while i was bugfixing it
chat.php : Bugrack ID 30 : search result now goes to correct chatbox post
e107_handlers/search/search_chatbox.php : upgrade : altered to integrate above change to chat.php
e107_plugins/tree_menu/tree_menu.php : Bugtrack ID 28 : Links now open as specified, classes also implemented to menu
class2.php : reported in forum : admin theme now reinstigated, got accidently taken out with bug revision #1
e107_plugins/chatbox_menu/chatbox.php : not reported : removed ability to use template tags, anyone who saw the attack on e107.org will know why
signup.php : reported via irc : removed the ability to use non-breaking spaces in user-names
e107_plugins/chatbox_menu/chatbox.php : not reported : removed whitespace from beginning and end of posts, again related to the attack
article.php : Bugtrack ID 36 : Caching problems resolved in articles
e107_plugins/usertheme_menu/usertheme_menu.php : Bugtrack ID 32 : Found the problem, plugin's inability to find the lan file
e107_admin/article.php : not reported : parents now correctly assigned, update by McFly

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