Ghah! Where did these all come from?

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Turn yer back for one minute and there are 29million new plugins ...

Turn yer back for one minute and there are 29million new plugins ... well slight exaggeration but you know what I mean eh. e107 lovetest by kaputer - "this plugin 'calculates' the love between two people. it takes the names from the user db." countryflag_menu.php by Nucleus - "This plugin displays the flag of the country of everyone that visits your website. It makes people feel more welcome smile The information is taken from and the plugin was created using e107 custom menu creator." [/b]Flash updated by Perry[/b] - "an updated version of the flash gallery plugin I submitted before. Contains a bug fix for the install routine... Updated by Perry: "This is a hack of Chris#2's flash gallery. I edited the scripts so they work better with the latest e107's and added the ability for it to play avi & mpg files and changed all references of "flash" to "media" since its multifunctional now smile" News Category Selector by Cameron - "a VERY simple menu box that displays your news categories with links to each." Random Coppermine image by McFly - "Will display a user definable number of images from your coppermine photo gallery in a menu. All configuration options are done within the menu file (no admin config)." PM update by McFly - update of the wonderful provate messaging system QDB 0.5 by azathoth - "A fully functional integrated Quotes Database for e107. Unf." PHEW!

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