Two menu items from Zonk

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Two new menu items here from Zonk ...

Two new menu items here from Zonk ...
The first one is a modified online menu that displays hte last 5 visitors. The second menu is a modified login menu. A while back a guy wanted a login menu that displayed what the member contributed. I have done that it shows how many forum posts, news posts, chatbox posts, comments, and downloads, the member has contributed umm... you may wan't to comment the donwloads part, erase it, or change it because que's dm uses a different table. His uses 'downloads' and I believe the one jalist provided uses 'download'. I am using a beta version of que's dm 5.4 so when it comes out this menu will be fully compatible. This menu also shows how many total news posts, chat box posts, comments, members, forum posts, and downloads on the entire site. I hope you like them.
Available on the plugins page, thanks Zonk.

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