e107 v5.4 beta 6

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Here's the changelog ...

Here's the changelog ...
[admin/newspost.php] - updated for design purposes [classes/comment_class.php] - COMMENTSTYLE now works, no idea how this bug crept in ... [menus/login_menu.php] - updated links to reflect proper path (thanks McFly for pointing this out) [plugins/chatbox.php] - small alteration for speed purposes [classes/news_class.php] - added a few more template functions to better handle extended, source and url strings [class2.php] - added three new functions to the db class (requested and written by que) - added a new function to save preferences easily in the core table, added primarily for plugin authors [themes/templates/footer+default.php] - fixed bug causing a broken image if logging disabled [*all admin files*] - updated to use the new save_prefs() function [classes/search/forum_search.php] - searched links now point to the correct url [usersettings.php] - small problem with the hide email checkbox fixed [classes/news_class.php] - extended string now points to correct url on comments page - fixed extra slash in rss creation if your site url not set correctly, now parses the url for itself [forum.php] - fixed small bug causing classes to be ignored if user had multiple classes set (only under some versions of php) [admin/content.php | article.php] - added the option to not add auto line breaks to content pages as this was breaking any javascript entered into the content (thanks to McKANI for pointing this out) [admin/phpinfo.php] - secure admin phpinfo page [menus/userlanguage_menu.php] - added menu to enable users to set their prefered language interface, I owe big thanks to both Cameron and Michel for their work on this [menus/usertheme.php] - rewrite, thanks again to Cameron
To upgade, first backup your config.php. Upload all files APART FROM CONFIG.PHP! and that's it, you'll be running beta6, no need to run any upgrade script. Just a note here. The core and mainly the table structure is becoming more stable with each release. For this reason I'd like to concentrate on getting the translations fixed up so I'll be sorting something out about that, maybe set up a forum where I can post things I need translated. Also I'm halfway through altering the display of form items in the admin section so some are done and some not, please be patient. One last thing, from here on in any updated files will be available as an upgrade, so there wont be a need to upgrade every file every time you upgrade. Update Sorry, a file missing from the zore zip, grab it here -> https://e107.org/files/temp/b6_update.zip

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