Anyone got any pimpIRC themes?

by admin in Blog

I've been writing a mIRC script ...

I've been writing a mIRC script ... well writing isn't really the right word to describe it heh. I started writing a script with built in theme support and got it working ok, apart from some small glitches. Then I remembered the best script ever - pimpIRC, and re-downloaded it to take a look. The theme engine is so much more sophisticated than my effort so I've basically err .. borrowed some of the event routines ... well ok then all of them actually hehe. So now my stripped down pimpIRC with my own away/mp3 loads of other stuff script is done but I want some more .styles, so if any of you have any old pimp themes laying around please send them to me please?
Here's a screenie of the e106 mIRC script if yer interested.

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