e107 v5.4 beta 3

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Here are the changes ...[plugins/emoticon.php]

Here are the changes ...
[plugins/emoticon.php] - fixed small path bug [admin/news_category.php] - rewrite [plugins/poll.php | admin/poll.conf.php] - fixed some bugs to recent rewrite [themes/templates/header_default.php] - added option to load custom css or js file, mainly for Coppermine/third party script integration - fixed bug causing content pages containing $CUSTOMHEADER text to be mistakenly loaded - menu classes (see below) [themes/templates/footer_default.php] - fixed a small bug concerning db connectivity [links.php] - links now reflect order set in admin/links area, also fixed td width problem under some browsers [forum_viewtopic.php] - fixed bug that stopped moderator from editing posts [forum_post.php] - fixed some minor display issues [classes/emote.php] - new file, created to make adding your own emoticons easier, calling this file will now show a list of all available emoticons [ usage: require_once(e_BASE."classes/emote.php"); echo r_emote(); ] [admin/menus2.php | themes/templates/header_default.php] - you can now assign classes to menu items. Set them as either visible to everyone, visible to members only, visible to administrators only or visible to users in certain classes [languages/lan_Eesti.php] - new Estonian language file sent in by Martin - thankyou smile
Download it from the menu on the right. Please note there is a very small upgrade script to run (upgrade_b1_to_b3.php), it just upgrades a couple of your tables and no content is affected.

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