e107 v5.3 beta

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5.3b is available for those who need cutting edge cms action heh.

5.3b is available for those who need cutting edge cms action heh. There is some nice new stuff in this including banner rotation built in, definable meta tags from admin, but best of all is the new theme template functions. Don't worry, all older themes are still completely compatible but with this version a new template system has been introduced which makes theme creation a whole lot simpler.
I've written the first part of a tutorial which explains the new functions in detail, but as an overview, the layout of your site is completely defined from theme.php now, no template file needed. Just put your structure in there, and use template functions like to render your logo, etc to define a position for menu items, all sorts of things can be accessed from the template functions.
One big advantage is it allows you to place menu items/content absolutely anywhere on your site and in any configuration. Define 20 menu areas if you want and you'll be able to move your menu items straight in there from admin/menus. Normal header and footer templates can still be used but I've updated every core theme to use the new functions, and they all look and work exactly the same so most if not all can be done with the functions.
There are also a lot of minor bugfixes but due to the amount of changes I've released this version first as a beta, if you run a well established site don't upgrade yet, wait until we get the small things ironed out.

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