e107 v5.1

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V5.1 is ready for download.

V5.1 is ready for download. Here's a list of changes ...
- Added new (very basic) flood-protection routines, I'll be upgrading these in the near future - Nick links to user.php in chatbox - Posts in chatbox by person not logged in checks if name entered exists in user table, if it does and ip matches the post is properly credited to member, else the nick will be changed to Anonymous - Shortcuts now parsed correctly in signatures - Added category icon to index.php?cat page - Added some shortcut code by Chris McLeod to usersettings.php - Rewrote admin permissions routines, much more flexible admin settings now allowed (ie you can have a news poster only, or a chatbox moderator only etc etc) - Updated language files included - many thanks to all who took the time to translate and update these files - Rewrote admin pages to reflect changes to perms system - Articles, content and reviews now seperated to allow for new admin perms, so you can have a reviewer admin who cant post articles - log2.php and stats.php completely rewritten, now quicker and logs more info - counter menu rewritten - user menu rewritten, displays new info since last visit - counter menu rewritten - antheon theme added to core - Many minor changes, alterations and bugfixes
Upgrading: Upload/overwrite all files, then browse to upgrade,php. Important! if you run a multiple admin site you will need to reset the admin permissions for each admin apart from the Main Site admin, this is due to changes in the permissions system. Hope you like the changes/additions. A sincere thanks to all that have helped in the creation of this new version, I really am very grateful. Update If you are having problems with the new logging routines (ie a broken image in the top left of your site) please redownload the core, it has been fixed now (you only need class2.php from the core) - apologies for that.

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