e107 v5

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Here is version 5.

Here is version 5. I'd like to thank he beta-test team who really helped straighten out this version before release. Changes? Hmmm... - Database functions completely rewritten - admin/menus.php completely rewritten (again) - if this setup confuses you, well it's as easy as I can make it - Most of classes rewritten or tweaked for performance - Many new themes added - Theme structure completely reworked, making a theme is now as simple as entering a list of variables (see variables list in the articles box over on the right) - Login functions completely rewritten, user and admin are now completely integrated so logging in or out from one affects the other - /admin/wmessage.php - allows you to set a sticky message at the top of the front page - /admin/ugflag.php - allows you to redirect visitors to a sitedown message when upgrading or working on the site (you've seen this if you visited jalist.com while it was down) - articles.php / admin/articles.php completely rewritten, now allows reviews to be entered and displayed in different menu box - readme is now html - extended function now integrated into index.php I could go on and on, there are a miliion and one changes. V5 is just about a complete rewrite and is radically different from v4, it's faster and makes less database calls and is the first version I can actually say I'm really happy with. I hope you like it

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