Getting ready for e107 Bootstrap!

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1-2-3…. Surprise!!! We’re PUMPED to announce we’ve just rebuilt the site!

A refresh with a purpose

Since some months, e107 v2.0 Bootstrap is the engine of many live websites including this one! With progress on the development of e107’s upcoming flagship v2.0 continuing, it’s a great time to be part of the e107 community. It will take some time before we decide Bootstrap is perfect… Nonetheless, many users are already finding it ready for use on live sites across the web - there’s no reason to stay on the side lines and wait. e107 v2.0 Bootstrap may be a young and developing project, but we’re confident you’ll find it as stable as our legacy software ever was!

With so many things you can do to get your hands dirty - be amongst the first to experience the raw power of the next gen and help us to realise the potential of the platform. With such a small development team, any experienced help can greatly accelerate development and make e107 the project to watch in the coming years.

That’s why we’ve been working in the background… working to develop a new community experience that allows you to get a better visibility of what’s going on. We’ve been scratching our heads to find better ways for people to support us and encourage developers and users alike to stretch e107 to the limit.

A brand new website structure

We’ve taken our cues from some of the best sites out there in terms of structure and presentation. We hope you’ll like the new site and that it will give you encouragement that e107 continues to grow and develop on a daily basis – and that your help is an important part of that.

The new website gives you easier access to download e107, see our GitHub development activities, access our developing documentation, and get the latest news and updates from the volunteers that are spearheading development.

A whole new approach to community

We’re making the jump. Moving the community away from an established forum to the GitHub, Facebook, and Twitter platforms. It was a hard decision to make as we know many of you rely on the forums, but we are convinced that this is the right move for us.

GitHub has also proven to be an excellent platform to increase visibility of development projects like our own. Moving forward this will be the hub of our development. Through the GitHub platform, not only can we keep better track of bug reports, feature requests, and troubleshooting, but everyone else can too. We feel by moving the community to GitHub, not only can we keep the development focussed and win time, but you can also see more clearly the milestones we’re aiming at and how quickly we’re reaching them.

Facebook and Twitter have proven to be great places for maintaining dynamic and chatty communities, and we’re confident they can be the great places to continue having the light banter that made the e107 forum community such a great place. So grab yourself an account and star us on GitHub, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and on this blog and you’ll never be far away from the latest news!

Coming soon: an Inspiration and Showcase Corner

Hearing from you, how you use e107, and the difference it makes is really important to us. Inspirational stories of people using e107 to power not just their websites, but also their online communities can help us orient the development of e107. But also, it is stories like that which helps people decide to go with e107. So we want to hear from you, we’re going to be launching soon a Get Inspired section of the website which will feature flagship websites making the best use of e107, and we’ll feature the people behind those websites. We hope to cover everything from designing a good structure using e107 to encouraging great involvement using all the tools and plug-ins in the platform.

Get involved

It’s a great time to be part of the e107 community but we need you to make the next steps and realise the full potential of this great platform.

Those of you who have already had the pleasure of testing v2.0 Bootstrap will know that we’re aiming to deliver a stellar product fit for purpose in the new web environment of responsive designs, intuitive admin setup, and hyper connected social media environments. That’s something we’re committed to deliver with v2.0 Bootstrap.

We can only achieve that if people contribute by participating in the community, by testing the Alpha release, reporting bugs and coding solutions through GitHub, ,submitting feature requests, writing articles about what it’s like to use it, or even… just simply… telling your friends about what we’re busy making here.

We look forward to 2014 being a big year for e107, and this new website is just the start of it.

Enjoy and see you soon for a new blog update!

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