e107 Custom Page Creator v0.203

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Patrick has released version v0.203 of his Custom Page Creator ...

Patrick has released version v0.203 of his Custom Page Creator ...
It's been long awaited, I'm sure many of thousands of people have commited suicide because the suspense of the release of this version of e107cpc has been so great! But please, put the knife down, it's finally out! This version is by far better than the previous version, it holds a majority of the features that were in the previous versions, as well as a new look. not to mention I'm up for many of requests, and finally have the ambition to add stuff in, provided it doesn't take the world as long to make requests as it took me to make this release avalible.

As far as I know, this works with ALL versions of e107, as long as you're not using the stoneage version. I have tested every feature that's on this version at least 3 times, but I'm sure there's bugs, as everything isn't 100% bugfree. If you find a bug, have a problem with anything, or you need a file, feel free to contact me.

This is the version after 2.1, I changed the version numbering structure, 2.1 would be 0.201, with the current version structure.
Download it here.

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