ZoGo-Cart 1.5 released

by admin in e107

I just made a new release with many improved features.

I just made a new release with many improved features. It s great plugin and now allows people to completely run an online store. This new release features the following additions ZoGo-Cart 1.5 Add Coupon based Discount ZoGo-Cart 1.5 Add admin capability to specify Category Order ZoGo-Cart 1.5 Admin controlled Tax amount ZoGo-Cart 1.5 Batch Order prices | To be excluded and added later if at all, causes too many complications ZoGo-Cart 1.5 Put link in admin center to Stock level Report ZoGo-Cart 1.5 Fix Product Options so that you can delete the Options ZoGo-Cart 1.5 Fix Sales Reports and Sales Search function ZoGo-Cart 1.5 Improve session/sale identifier so that a user can make multiple purchases on the same day ZoGo-Cart 1.5 Add Advanced Credit Card Processing (https with md5 and card validator) | may or may not be added depending on time frame ZoGo-Cart 1.5 Custom Gateway Support |No Longer Adding as option ZoGo-Cart 1.5 Re-write checkout.php as some operating systems with "register Globals" are turned off ZoGo-Cart 1.5 Ability to HIDE categories ZoGo-Cart 1.5 Add Price break for postage (if price less postage reaches x then postage price is free) ZoGo-Cart 1.5 Change main Config so it holds data if editing is required ZoGo-Cart 1.5 Write Install and Upgrade scripts ZoGo-Cart 1.5 Beta Test, and fix issues found as result of testing ZoGo-Cart 1.5 Fix Offline and C.O.D payments to not require user to click link to complete order This is an upgrade from ZoGo-Cart 1 and full install only [Submitted by Zaphod]
Download it here.

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