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I thought I'd post an update report on v0.600 (or e107:TNG as someone called it in #e107 heh).

I thought I'd post an update report on v0.600 (or e107:TNG as someone called it in #e107 heh).
I have it running very nicely on my local server. The whole structure has changed, all folders are now prefixed e107_ to avoid the confusion we've seen some people getting with the admin and files folders, and all directories can be very easily renamed now by changing a single variable, in fact I'll be recommending everyone renames their e107_admin folder after installation for extra security.
Plugins are now held in the e107_plugins/-pluginname- folder, along with a language file and any other files the plugin uses, this is a far more logical plugin structure and makes installing even easier.
As for features and updates, the news system has been completely rewritten, the forum has pretty much been completely rewritten (now fully templatable from theme.php, long pages are split, choice of user rating system, basic and Ikaro's excellent RPG mod).The parsing system has also been rewritten and seems far more stable now. Custommenus has been totally rewritten. To be honest just about every file has been tweaked and altered.
Here's the downside - the upgrade is going to be a nightmare!. But I'll do my best to get it foolproof before releasing.
Release will be in a few weeks as a very rough estimate, once the install script is updated I'll be sending it out to a few testers then wait for the bugs to start flooding in. Now hopefully that'll at least stem some of the "so when is it being released?" questions, the record stands at 12 in a day at the moment ...

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