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This is a bit like deja vu, I seem to recall writing a similar post to the one I'm writing here when I closed LS2K down a few months back, and for similar reasons.

This is a bit like deja vu, I seem to recall writing a similar post to the one I'm writing here when I closed LS2K down a few months back, and for similar reasons. I think the heart of the problem is that I care too much, I remember getting quite a lot of emails telling me to chill out and not worry so much when aaronx was doing his worst back then. But I cant deny it, I do care too much, and to me that isn't such a bad thing - LS2K would never have become the site it did if I hadn't, the same with

I remember getting the email from c0mrade saying he wanted me to take over, I was daunted and excited at the same time, I knew I could get a site up and running, at least code-wise, I was worried about hosting but that was resolved through the help of some very special people. When it all came together and the site went live, I was astounded to see the popularity of the site increasing massively on a daily basis - so much so that the dreaded bandwidth issues became important, something none of us had really envisiged. But to see the site being used as it was, and in turn the popularity of Litestep itself growing made me very proud.

With a site as popular as LSNet became, there were always going to be user-related problems, it always suprised me how many idiotic people out there tried to sign up with the username 'Admin' expecting that to give them access to our backend. Anyway, me being a trusting person at heart never gave it too much of a thought, as we all know 99.9% of Litestep users are good enough people who realise the site was provided for the community and as such treated it with some modicum of respect.

Then a couple of months ago we heard someone had found a way to update or delete someone else's themes or screenshots, so back to the code we went and made some changes, checking the cookie and the user's details in the database against whatever they were trying to update before anything was altered. This was the only hole I was ever informed about, I cant speak for John (DeViLbOi) but if he'd have been told anything else he would have told me straight away.

Then a few nights ago I had an email from PhisH, telling me of someone I didn't really know talking about a hole he'd found in the site. Apparently this person had not only told PhisH about it but had spoken publically about it in both the
Then I thought I'd take a look at the users database, just in case ... my details had all been changed, some quite offensive things in there ... hmm let's check some others ... oh dear there's more ... shit ... there are eight there that have no info at all, it's been removed ... hmm I dont think that person would put "I am lame" as his user comment ... I found eighteen tampered with user records before I closed my browser down. Now I have no way of knowing who changed these records, Chuvi has admitted to changing three, apparently he changed my details "by accident". Yeah. He changed them "by accident" - sound feasible to you?

So let's look at the facts here. A person saves certain pages from LSNet to his hard drive and starts editing some of the form field entries manually .. this he says, is something he does a lot. Why? I have no idea, but apparently he was trying to help us in some way. I fail to understand or see any sort of mad logic in his words. Look at the chatbox over there - "Yeap! I'm that guy who shows defence bugs". He has no remorse. He has icq'ed me several times since I closed the site and been very abusive. He's accused me publically of being a liar. He started a thread on the mailing list that was entitled "Read this or burn in hell like jalist".

I was trying to cope with all this, in fact John, Chris (jugg) and I had been having meetings and talking about an all new, I had even began coding some sessions routines. Then I start getting emails from people, and irc messages asking me to talk to Chuvi, he wants to explain things. And that was it, I'd reached the end of the line. Why the fuck are these people standing up for this person. He fucked with our site, not my site, not DeViLbOi's site - OUR FUCKING SITE. He says he did it to help us. Fucking bullshit, he did it because he wanted to look like some sort of fucking hero, and it looks like he's succeeded if my inbox is anything to go by - "give the guy a break, he was trying to help" etc etc.

To the people that have emailed me and irc'ed me - you can all fuck off, I don't owe you anything, and the person you're sticking by, he get's nothing but my everlasting contempt, nothing else.

I won't be working on any proposed recode of In fact I wont be working on anything Litestep related at all for the foreseeable future. I really have had enough. I'm so angry and fucked off over this. Maybe I'll calm down in a few weeks, the way I feel at the moment though I dont ever want to even think about any of this again. Please dont email me, please dont leave "thanks for everything" comments here, I've done nothing that I need to be thanked for.

Goodbye and take care.

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